A Walk in the Fort

A wise poet once said… A walk in a park is like two in the naps on a bed. Do not ask who this poet is. I guess he/she was not that famous to begin with and with this quote did not become famous even now.
The Galle Fort. Once a safe haven for soldiers who once defended the Coasts of Sri Lanka, now a tourist destination that many have seen on the face of the National Tourism Website.
There are famous places to visit therein but the sites that are not Tourist Guide focused are also ones that catches the eye and eventually the camera lens.
The sea. There is always a beach and plenty of water but most of the rocks that are scattered around the beaches are boulders broken off the Fort itself. Maybe for past wars? I did not have a Guide present to tell me.
The lighthouse. Tall and elegant. Once used to lure ships away from the sand bars and brick walls that lined the coast.
The Temples. Probably a new addition. Probably not.
Such are the many views that i enjoyed but learnt little about.
Get a trusted Tour Guide – Get Blue Ceylon.
And then your stories and this blog will have more details focused on the real value behind it all.
Most of my blogs will be on the lack of a tourist guide. So be prepared for a lot of false information and a whole lot of pretty pictures of places I have been to.
Hope you will have a better holiday than I did.
Oh yeah! Nearly forgot – Walk to India Hut – Beautiful Biriyani. Walk to the Roti Hut next to it. Lovely Crispy Roti with a really good filling. There were other places. Stomach was full. Settled it with a variety of Gelato also available.
Galle Fort was fun. Planning on going there again. Maybe with a trusted Tour Guide like Blue Ceylon.
Model: Ranaka S.

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