#givebacktonature – A Cleaner Sri Lanka

Give back to Nature – The Self

This should be a mantra that has to spoken to oneself to begin the day. Wherever we go, we see garbage, waste, landfill, plastics, glass, cans, paper etc which leads to an unaesthetic visual sight of the place, the unappetizing aromatic atmosphere around the place, where one has to carefully thread lest they step on yesterday’s breakfast or a base for tonight’s dinner – but worst – the possibility of disease that lingers around from germs that congregate at such waste sites.

Give back to Nature. The Youth

This should be what has to be taught in school every morning at assembly and at every recess during the middle of the day. School children knowing not to buy anything from vendors that come wrapped in plastic or that comes in plastics that cannot be recycled. School children looking to make and play with ornaments and decorations from the plastic thrown by others and not by the Plastics thrown on to shop shelves for selling by companies looking to profit from people’s ignorance. 

Give back to Nature. The Action

A series of beach clean-ups took place at various beaches around the Island and i was privileged to be a part of the team that assisted in cleaning things up and two of these beaches so far. 

The things we found – plastic bags, straws, containers, ice cream packets, yoghurt cups, plastic ropes and fibers, bottle caps, styrofoam, plastic bottles, SYRINGES WITH NEEDLES all on our beaches that we take our children to.

It was a back-breaking task, where i felt the sore muscle effects even days after the clean-up. which prompted me to buy a Picker Tool (yes, made of plastic but for for good deed and I shall look to utilizing it properly if ever it breaks at some point in time) and that helped alot and made the clean-up more effective and efficient.

So if you want to help out but feel nervous doing a clean up on your own – which I understand for i had all my tools and PPEs with me on the first time I went for a clean up but went early and so was very nervous myself thinking what would others think if i was cleaning up a beach while they bathed in it. Some of you may say not to bother with what others think at all, but there will always be a voice in your head that still tells you someone is watching you.

So if you want to help out, feel free to search on Social Media and join one of the campaigns that are being organized now to clean up various beaches around the Island. Or else, just post a request to gather people for a beach clean up and get it going yourself. 

Get recycling companies on board. Call them up. Get posters and learn from them and see the magic happen. 

There will be a time, if we continue the way we are going, that we will never see a green blade of grass again or a puddle of water that we can splash in anymore. Or the shade of a tree to rest under when the sun gets hotter and hotter because of Climate Change. 

The saying “The grass is always greener on the other side” may never literally hold true anymore for there will not be anymore grass – or if there is, might be in the form of a mutated growth now that is asking for milk and cookies while trying to cram knowledge into itself.

I may get lost during my travels. I may not know what the places I visit are or the deep history of sites pass through, but at least I get to enjoy the beauty and awe of it now which may not hold itself in the near future if we do not do anything about it. 

Give back to Nature…. and Nature will give back to you ten-fold.

Give back to Nature… before there is no Nature to get back from.

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A Drive to Kalpitiya – Part 1

Out of the blue, I got a call from friends who were within that blue – an emotion that caused them to call me because they were lonely? No, they wanted a ride. 

A trip to Kalpitiya.

All expenses paid by my said friends – It’s like i won the Lottery

All instructions provided by said friends.

Itinerary devised by said friends.

At least they allowed me an upgrade of the room. Frankly speaking, I did not ask what was the original status of the room or what type of room is it and what will my upgrade get me. However, fear not, I have my upgrade now.

This trip is to take place on a very special day of my year. So, I am going to treat it as my “In The Blue Friends giving me an Out of The Blue birthday present.”

Itinerary is as follows:

One Night, Two Days.

12th and 13th of October
Room Rate: Free (for me)
Upgrade Rate: Yet to be informed about. (Hope its not the price of another room – but it might be worth it. I could use the extra room to roll around like a rag doll and have fun)
Food: Not sure. Hopefully part of the room package – I’m secretly hoping that its going to be free and lavish.

There are stock photos of the Property available online but i prefer to take my own. One concern is that those photos may be edited and glamourfied (should there be such a word. If not, my apologies and let’s start a petition to add it to a dictionary).

One’s own eye that is used is one of the best weapons in one’s arsenal and I shall look to get my own photos.

There’s another month to go. More time to wait. Part 2 will come pack filled with information that is going to fall right into my lap or on my head, whichever hurts first.

So until Part 2, I am not going to check out the sights and sounds of the place online – which was what was taken through eyes of others – and wait until the said time with the said friends.

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A Walk in the Fort

A wise poet once said… A walk in a park is like two in the naps on a bed. Do not ask who this poet is. I guess he/she was not that famous to begin with and with this quote did not become famous even now.
The Galle Fort. Once a safe haven for soldiers who once defended the Coasts of Sri Lanka, now a tourist destination that many have seen on the face of the National Tourism Website.
There are famous places to visit therein but the sites that are not Tourist Guide focused are also ones that catches the eye and eventually the camera lens.
The sea. There is always a beach and plenty of water but most of the rocks that are scattered around the beaches are boulders broken off the Fort itself. Maybe for past wars? I did not have a Guide present to tell me.
The lighthouse. Tall and elegant. Once used to lure ships away from the sand bars and brick walls that lined the coast.
The Temples. Probably a new addition. Probably not.
Such are the many views that i enjoyed but learnt little about.
Get a trusted Tour Guide – Get Blue Ceylon.
And then your stories and this blog will have more details focused on the real value behind it all.
Most of my blogs will be on the lack of a tourist guide. So be prepared for a lot of false information and a whole lot of pretty pictures of places I have been to.
Hope you will have a better holiday than I did.
Oh yeah! Nearly forgot – Walk to India Hut – Beautiful Biriyani. Walk to the Roti Hut next to it. Lovely Crispy Roti with a really good filling. There were other places. Stomach was full. Settled it with a variety of Gelato also available.
Galle Fort was fun. Planning on going there again. Maybe with a trusted Tour Guide like Blue Ceylon.
Model: Ranaka S.

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