The Joyful Dwellers – The Sri Lankans

The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is known for lot of things. A rich history of more than 2500 years in writing shows an amazing tradition and culture in Sri Lanka. There are lot of things similar to the neighboring country of India, but the uniqueness of this small island is known by the world.

From the known past to now, Sri Lanka has been visited by thousands of known and unknown travelers from around the globe. The famous journals and diaries speak of the true Sri Lankan culture and the society of which they experienced.

Sri Lankans are very good at creating the first impression amongst travelers and visitors. Majority of the Sri Lankans speak very gently through use of a beautiful language, Sinhala. Offering food and gifts to those stepping over the threshold of a house has always been practice from generation to generation. 

Good morning is a very common way of greeting in Sri Lanka with the effects of the globalization. However, “Auybowan” is the proper way to greet if you ever meet a Sri Lankan. Putting your palms together in front your chest is the gesture that you might want to perform and “Vannakam” is also considered as the common greeting among the Tamil speaking citizens. Tamil also considered as a national language in Sri Lanka apart from Sinhala and English.

            A true smile is a very commonly seen addition to these islanders’ greeting where the joy and the hospitality always overflow. The enthusiasm to share the local experience with the visitors is a remarkable thing they enjoy. Apart from the scammers that you will find in different areas (even in other countries), you will find it very comfortable among these caring people. 

            Not to forget the modern crowd who celebrates and letting their souls to find the ultimate craziness in them. But the true Sri Lankan essence in the people who lives in this beautiful island is unbelievable. 

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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A Drive to Kalpitiya – Part 1

Out of the blue, I got a call from friends who were within that blue – an emotion that caused them to call me because they were lonely? No, they wanted a ride. 

A trip to Kalpitiya.

All expenses paid by my said friends – It’s like i won the Lottery

All instructions provided by said friends.

Itinerary devised by said friends.

At least they allowed me an upgrade of the room. Frankly speaking, I did not ask what was the original status of the room or what type of room is it and what will my upgrade get me. However, fear not, I have my upgrade now.

This trip is to take place on a very special day of my year. So, I am going to treat it as my “In The Blue Friends giving me an Out of The Blue birthday present.”

Itinerary is as follows:

One Night, Two Days.

12th and 13th of October
Room Rate: Free (for me)
Upgrade Rate: Yet to be informed about. (Hope its not the price of another room – but it might be worth it. I could use the extra room to roll around like a rag doll and have fun)
Food: Not sure. Hopefully part of the room package – I’m secretly hoping that its going to be free and lavish.

There are stock photos of the Property available online but i prefer to take my own. One concern is that those photos may be edited and glamourfied (should there be such a word. If not, my apologies and let’s start a petition to add it to a dictionary).

One’s own eye that is used is one of the best weapons in one’s arsenal and I shall look to get my own photos.

There’s another month to go. More time to wait. Part 2 will come pack filled with information that is going to fall right into my lap or on my head, whichever hurts first.

So until Part 2, I am not going to check out the sights and sounds of the place online – which was what was taken through eyes of others – and wait until the said time with the said friends.

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