Yala – The most visited National Park in Sri Lanka

Among all the world famous Safari destinations, Yala National Park has ranked itself as the most popular wildlife destination. Diversity of flora and fauna justifies the true nature of this iconic national treasure. 


Yala joins an exacting nature hold with a national park. Partitioned into 5 blocks, the recreation center has an ensured zone of about 130,000 hectares of land comprising of light backwoods, scours, prairies, tanks and tidal ponds. Two squares are right now opened to general society. 


Arranged in Sri Lanka’s south-east embracing the all-encompassing Indian Ocean, Yala was assigned a natural life haven in 1900 and was assigned a national park in 1938. Unexpectedly, the recreation center was at first utilized as a chasing ground for the world class under British principle.

Wild Life

Yala is home to 44 assortments of well evolved creature and 215 fledgling species. Among its progressively popular occupants are the world’s greatest centralization of panthers, magnificent elephants, sloth bears, sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks, and crocodiles. The best time to visit Yala is among February and July when the water levels of the recreation center are very low, carrying creatures beyond any confining influence. 

The Highlight

It’s home to Panthera pardus kotiya, a grand panther endemic to Sri Lanka. In any case, among the great exhibition of untamed life, you’d likewise witness the indications of a lost human progress. 

The Ruins 

The Monastic settlement of Sithulpawwa, a significant pioneer site, is said to have housed 12,000 occupants looking for comfort, around 2000 years prior. The reestablished shake Temple, among a progression of well-safeguarded old sanctuaries offers a look into a sparkling past. What is today an unblemished untamed life kingdom, Yala was home to a flourishing development, going back to the wonder long periods of Sri Lankan Kings. Several tanks, most in run down state today, are declaration to an agri-based human advancement. The huge, flourishing tanks currently give a help to the set of all animals, particularly during dry season. 

The weather

Yala is in a hot, semi-dry condition in spite of its rich greenish look, particularly during the storm season. Temperature ranges from 26C to about 35C. The North-east rainstorm season is when Yala gets a large portion of its precipitation from September to December.

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