Legacy of Ceylon Blue Sapphires – Origin from Sri Lanka

One thing that Sri Lanka is famous among the world for the last couple of centuries, are Gems. These expensive and extraordinary stones astonished the merchants from the silk road to the noble Royalties around the world. Sri Lanka is known as “Rathna Dveepa” in local folk lore and in Sri Lankan compositions as it describes as “The Island of Gems”. Through out the years, the Sri Lankan gem industry has produced enormous amount of foreign currency and established the country’s reputation to the climax.

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The Royal Ring

The heritage of the Sri Lankan gems were a part of the Royal family of England and Wales after the engagement of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. It was one of the most talked out rings in the world as currently Princess Kate Middleton is wearing it, which was a family inherit for Prince William. This 12 carat Ceylon blue sapphire mounted ring’s current estimated value is around £300,000. The design of this historical work of art was inspired by one of Queen Elisabeth’s brooch done by Prince Albert on 1840. This Sri Lankan gem was reported all over the world media several times.

  • Weight – 12 Carats
  • Special – Oval shape/ British Royal family signature jewelry
  • Found Location – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka  
  • Current Location – Princess Kate Middleton’s left hand
  • Current Value – £ 300,000

Other famous and recorded largest Ceylon Blue Sapphires in the world

1. The largest Blue Sapphire in the world – Giant of the Orient (Sri Lanka)

  • Weight – 466 Carats
  • Special – Originally 600 Carats
  • Found Location – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka. (1902)
  • Current Location – Unknown (Last seen at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction on 2004)
  • Current Value – $ 15,000,000 (2004)

2. The second largest Blue Sapphire in the world – Logan Blue Sapphire (Sri Lanka)

  • Weight – 422.99 Carats
  • Special – Accompanied by 20 white diamonds/ Size of an egg
  • Found Location – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka. 
  • Current Location – Smithsonian Institution’s Natural Museum of Natural History.
  • Current Value – $ 3,000,000 (2001)

3. The third largest Blue Sapphire in the world – Blue Bella of Asia (Sri Lanka)

  • Weight – 400 Carats
  • Special – Accompanied by 20 white diamonds/ Size of an egg
  • Found Location – Palmadulla, Sri Lanka. 1926.
  • Current Location – Unknown (last seen at Geneva Switzerland, Christie’s Auction, 2014)
  • Current Value – $ 17,564,156 (2014)

Gem Tourism in Sri Lanka

The gem tourism in Sri Lanka is very popular among many international travellers. The quality of the stones are renowned all over the world. The experience at gem mines, gathering knowledge and also acquiring some valuable souvenirs are some of the main highlights of gem tourism in Sri Lanka.

Not only Ceylon Blue Sapphires but various other types of valuable authentic gems are mined in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for more blogs on different types of gems found in Sri Lanka.

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