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The new Corona Virus pandemic has changed the attributes of the Global working force as almost everyone cannot live the regular office day. It has taken different forms such as Work from home, E-learning/Teaching, Remote work, Work online etc. You might already missing your fellow commuters to work and your work colleagues during this isolation. 

However there are more things that you can do to keep yourself accompanied with the free time you have after completing your daily work at home. Definitely you will have more time to spare during these days, even you are saving the travelling time and even the office lunch.  

This is an opportunity to change yourself with the global turnaround while staying at home. Not that your new Tv series, Play-station or the never ending Tv channels will help you to pass the day, by adopting these will lead into to a new life style that you might continue even after the Covid-19 shutdown.


This stress reliving hobby will give you a lot of benefits. Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak the world has met the ultimate economic nightmare, where there are questions of survival of the mankind. Most of the governments are encouraging their citizens to grow at home to produce whatever they can. 

There are enough of social media influence and online help to you to start your garden even if you haven’t done it before or even with your previous busy work schedule. Plan your space, what your grow and other infrastructure. It is important to have a separate time to work at your garden which should be listed on your daily schedule. 

Don’t forget, you will harvest what you grow!!!

Art and Creations

This could be the ideal time to start your long forgotten golden ideas and projects. Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Building, Inventing or Creating of your choice needs some detail attention. Kick starting your old hobbies might direct you or starting something new will keep your mind active and take you somewhere. 

There can be barriers of getting the needed raw materials for your Arts and Creations, but you will find something to enhance your skills during this period until the shops open and continue. You will be able to continue these even during the regular holidays after the shutdown.

If there is will there is a way!!!

Focus on your health

May be you are another victim of this isolation period that you cannot feel your beloved Gym equipment. It’s sad to be away from your favorite jogging track and from your swimming lane. If you are an above average work out enthusiast, you will know how to keep your body in shape during these days. 

Not to worry, there are enough of ways to keep yourself engaged when you’re at home. Find the ultimate website or app for cardio exercises which requires very less equipment. Your flexibility, Strength, Balance and your Endurance will increase by doing cardio for couple of minutes. This will help to kill your boring time at home and again to keep yourself healthy. 

Another healthy way is to learn and practice Yoga. There are enough of online Yoga classes and sessions you follow even if you are new to this, or you can surf the good old You tube. Select a time in the day which will not disturb your work.

Any way, you need to find a way to burn those calories that you gained on the couch while watching TV.

So Make every workout count!!!

Gather Knowledge

While surfing the internet to please your senses and your emotions, allocate sometime to gather new knowledge too. Reading articles, magazines and publications or watching videos to enhance your knowledge related your industry/ work is one of the things that you can do at home on these less working days. Challenge your self and take some available online courses too.

Sharing the gathered knowledge via different platforms to your close communities also will generate further motivation for your hunt.

Remember, Knowledge is Power!!!

Thinking of Starting a Business?

It’s high time to pull out your buried business plan and activate. It could be anything from an online retail business to a medium size business to your choice. Connect with your partners, modify and update the plan, do research and work out the finances during this period will help you to take a boost towards the new business.

There are enough of support on the internet and even you can connect live with a specialized consultants to make your new dream come through.

A big business starts small!!!

Joining the Online Global Work Force

If you have what it takes, there are ample of opportunities on the internet to earn more revenue. These can be specialized areas for certain entities that provides work.  The range of work can be wide from freelancing, translating, building websites, blogging and a whole lot of them. 

It’s an good path way if you have not entered the regular work force or even for the other employees, but make sure that you avoid conflict of interest and perform your primary work without any disturbance. So manage your time since you have more now. 

Great things needs great minds!!!

Use your precious time wisely and invest your time for your future benefit. The Covid-19 has taught so many lessons to the world as well as threatened the whole human kind, so why not we grab the given opportunities to make the world a better place?

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