The Museum Directory In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has its recorded history for more than 2500 years to the past. The modern society has evolved through this rich culture, poetry, agriculture, arts and crafts of the ancients. The preservation of these ancient artefacts and knowledge has been given the prominence by the Sri Lankan authorities.

Blue Ceylon is glad to present you the modern list of updated Directory of valuable and exciting Museums in Sri Lanka, where this is the one-stop site for the travellers, students and researchers to surf the contact information of the Sri Lankan Museums.

Let’s check the list…….

National Museums

  1. Colombo National Museum
  2. Kandy National Museum
  3. National Buddhist Museum
  4. Rathnapura National Museum
  5. Galle National Museum
  6. National Museum of Natural History Museum

Historical Museums

Cultural and Heritage Museums

  1. Dalada Maligawa Museum 
  2. Koggala Folk Museum (Martin Wickramasinghe Museum)
  3. Amblangoda Mask Museum 
  4. Walisinghe Harischandra Museum
  5. Jayawardena Cultural Center Museum
  6. Magampura Ruhuna Heritage Museum
  7. Weera Puran Appu Museum
  8. Folk Museum Anuradhapura
  9. S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Museum
  10. Blessed Joseph Vaz Museum, Basilica Church
  11. Ancient Technology Museum

Maritime Museums

  1. Galle Maritime Archeological Museum
  2. Colombo Port Maritime Museum
  3. Maritime and Naval History Museum, Trincomalee

Archeological Museums

  1. Anuradhapura Museum 
  2. Buduruwagala Museum
  3. Dambadeniya Museum
  4. Dedigama Museum
  5. Dighavapi Museum
  6. Isurumuniya Museum 
  7. Jaffna Museum
  8. Kandy Museum 
  9. Kasagala Museum
  10. Kasagala Museum
  11. Kotte Museum
  12. Maligawila Museum
  13. Matara Star Fort Museum
  14. Mihintale Museum 
  15. Mulkirigala Museum
  16. Nalanda Museum
  17. Panduwasnuwara Museum
  18. Pidurangala Museum
  19. Puttalam Museum 
  20. Rajanganaya Museum 
  21. Seruwila Museum
  22. Tantirimale Museum
  23. Vavuniya Museum
  24. Vheragala Museum 
  25. Welgam Vehera Musem
  26. Yapahuwa Museum
  27. Yatala Museum

Defence Forces Museums

  1. Sri Lanka Air Force Museum
  2. Hoods Tower Museum
  3. Puthukkudiyiruppu War Museum
  4. Orr’s Hill Army Museum
  5. Maritime and Naval History Museum, Trincomalee
  6. Underwater Museum, Galle

Art Museums

  1. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
  2. Wax Museum
  3. Pottery Museum, Kaduwela

Transport Museums

  1. National Railway Museum, Kadugannawa
  2. National Highway Museum
  3. National Railway Museum, Colombo

Currency and Economic Museums

  1. Money and Banking Museum
  2. Economic History Museum

Special/ Uncategorised Museums

  1. National Park Museums
  2. Guruge Nature Park and Museum
  3. Vintage Car Museum
  4. Ceylon Tea Museum
  5. Community Tsunami Education Center & Museum
  6. National Telecommunication Museum
  7. Cricket Museum
  8. Computer Museum, University of Colombo

National Museums

Colombo National Museum

Specialty – Largest museum in Sri Lanka

Location – Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 07

Opening Days – Open all 7 days except public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 112 694366

Kandy National Museum

Specialty – Collection of various valuable historical items from the Kandyan era

Location – Kandy

Opening Days – Closed on Sundays and Monday, Public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 81 2223867 

National Buddhist Museum

Specialty – History of world Buddhism

Location – Hemamali Mawatha, Kandy

Opening Days – Open on all days

Opening Hours – 8.00am to 7.00pm

Contact Details – Face book Page –  0094 812 236 202

Rathnapura National Museum

Specialty – prehistoric archaeological inventions, natural heritage, geological, anthropological, zoological artifacts and models related to the Sabaragamuva Province

Location – Rathnapura

Opening Days – Closed on Sundays and Monday, Public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm (Closed until further notice for renovations – Updated on – 23/Feb/2020)

Contact Details – – 0094 452 222 451

Galle National Museum

Specialty – Object archaeological and anthropological objects inherited in Southern region, Dutch arms and weapons

Location – Church Street, Galle fort, Galle

Opening Days – Closed on Sundays and Monday, Public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 4.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 912 232 051

National History of Natural History

Specialty – Specimens of flora and fauna in Sri Lanka/ Geological specimens

Location – Colombo National museum premises

Opening Days – Open all 7 days except public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 112 694366

Historical Museums

Dutch Period Museum

Specialty – Artifacts of Dutch who ruled the coastal areas of Sri Lanka

Location – Prince Street, Colombo 

Opening Days – Open all 7 days except public and government holidays (Closed until further notice for renovations – Updated on – 23/Jan/2020)

Opening Hours – 9.00am to

Contact Details – – 0094 112 448 466

Historical Mansion

Specialty – Rare antiques from all the colonial eras in Sri Lanka. Jewelry, furniture, pottery and Arts

Location – 31, 39 Leyn Baan St, Galle Fort, Galle.

Opening Days – Open all 7 days except public and government holidays and on Fridays from 12.00pm to 2.00pm

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 6.00pm

Contact Details – 0094 77 792 1555

Independence Memorial Museum

Specialty – Documents, Bio sketches of national heroes and many related items to the Independence in Sri Lanka

Location – 7 Independence Ave, Colombo

Opening Days – Closed on Sundays and Monday, Public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 112 691 825

National Postal Museum

Specialty – Exhibits and artefacts of the Sri Lankan Postal history

Location – W A D Ramanayake Mawatha, Colombo 1

Opening Days – Closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Public and government holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 4.00pm

Contact Details – Face Book Page – 0094 112 328 301

Cultural and Heritage Museums

Dalada Maligawa Museum (Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic)

Specialty – Arts, Jewellery, and crafts represent the Kandyan heritage  

Location – Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic premises, Kandy

Opening days – 365 days excluding April 13th, 14th and 15th

Opening hours – 7.00am to 7.00pm (No entry after 6.30pm)

Contact Details – – 0094 812 234 226

Koggala Folk Museum (Martin Wickramasinghe Museum)

Specialty – Artifacts of the local culture and local literature

Location – Koggala

Opening Days –  365 days excluding April 13th, 14th 

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 912 283 427

Amblangoda Mask Museum (Ariyapala Mask Museum) 

Specialty – Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka, Artifacts and a Library

Location – Ambalangoda

Opening Days – 365 days open

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Details – Face Book Page – 0094 912 258 373 

Walisinghe Harischandra Museum

Specialty – Furniture, Diaries and Books of a social reformer, historian and author 

Location- Negambo

Opening Days – Closed on all public and mercantile holidays and all Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays are closed.  

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact – Face Book Page – 0094 312 233 644

Jayawardena Cultural Center Museum

Specialty – Personnel collection of former president J.R Jayawrdena

Location – Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – 0112 695 084 –

Magampura Ruhuna Heritage Museum

Specialty – Natural and Cultural heritage of the Southern parts in Sri Lanka

Location – Hambantota 

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – – 0094 472 222 366

Weera Puran Appu Museum

Specialty – Preserved personnel belongings of a National Hero

Location – Moratuwa

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – 0094 772 909 798 

Folk Museum Anuradhapura

Specialty – Traditional objects and tools 

Location – Anuradhapura

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – – 0094 252 234 624

S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Museum

Specialty – Valuable items, documents, audio and video of the Bandaranayake family

Location – Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7

Opening Dates – Closed on Mondays and all public holidays

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 4.00pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 112 691 131

Blessed Joseph Vaz Museum, Basilica Church

Specialty – Artefacts reflects the history of the Basilica Church Ragama

Location – Tewatta Road, Ragama

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – – 0094 112 958 211

Ancient Technology Museum

Specialty – Ancient technological tools, artefacts and features represents the early cultures and socities

Location – Ancient Technological Museum, Polonnaruwa

Opening Dates – Open all days except Government Public Holidays

Opening Hours – From 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Detail – –  0094 272 057 336,

Maritime Museums

Galle Maritime Archeological Museum

Specialty – Biological and Anthropological items and models of Southern coastal area

Location – Queens Street, Galle Fort, Galle

Opening Dates – Open all days except Government Public Holidays

Opening Hours – From 8.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 912 245 254

Colombo Port Maritime Museum

Specialty – A former dutch prison converted in to a museum to hold artefacts and sculptures represent historical port in the country

Location – Chaithya Rd, Colombo 1

Opening Dates – Open all days except Government Public Holidays

Opening Hours –  From 8.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Detail – 0094 112 421 201

Maritime and Naval History Museum, Trincomalee

Specialty – Maritime History and local naval history of Sri Lanka

Location – Lavender Ln, Trincomalee

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – Face Book Page – 0094 262 222 763

Archeological Museums

Concat –

Department of Archaeology
Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha,
Colombo – 07,
Sri Lanka.
Phone : +94 11 2692840, +94 11 2692841
Fax : +94 11 2696250
Email :

Anuradhapura Museum 

Buduruwagala Museum

Dambadeniya Museum

Dedigama Museum

Dighavapi Museum

Isurumuniya Museum 

Jaffna Museum

Kandy Museum 

Kasagala Museum

Kasagala Museum

Kotte Museum

Maligawila Museum

Matara Star Fort Museum

Mihintale Museum 

Mulkirigala Museum

Nalanda Museum

Panduwasnuwara Museum

Pidurangala Museum

Puttalam Museum 

Rajanganaya Museum 

Seruwila Museum

Tantirimale Museum

Vavuniya Museum

Vheragala Museum 

Welgam Vehera Musem

Yapahuwa Museum

Yatala Museum

Defence Forces Museums

Sri Lanka Air Force Museum

Specialty – Artefacts related to the Air Force of Sri Lanka

Location –  Colombo International Airport Ratmalana (CIAR)

Opening Dates – Closed on Mondays and , Public and government holidays

Opening Hours – From 8.30am to 4.30pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 772 444 445

Hoods Tower Museum

Specialty –

Location –

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –

Puthukkudiyiruppu War Museum

Specialty –

Location –

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –

Orr’s Hill Army Museum

Specialty –

Location –

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –

Maritime and Naval History Museum, Trincomalee

Specialty –

Location –

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –

Underwater Museum, Galle

Specialty – A museum run by Navy, can explore underwater sculptures, corals and rich marine life.

Location – Galle

Opening Dates – Open on all 365 days

Opening Hours – N/A

Contact Detail – 0912 267 134

Art Museums

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Specialty – Exhibits the history of arts which is relevant and unique to Sri Lanka

Location – Lauries Rd, Colombo 4

Opening Dates – Closed on Monday and Tuesday

Opening Hours – Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday from 11.00am to 5.00pm
Friday from 11.00am to 8.00pm

Contact Detail –

Wax Museum, Polonnaruwa

Specialty – Wax sculptures of famous leaders after post independent in Sri Lanka

Location – Ancient Technological Museum, Polonnaruwa

Opening Dates – Open all days except Government Public Holidays

Opening Hours – From 9.00am to 5.00pm

Contact Detail – –  0094 272 057 336,

Pottery Museum, Kaduwela

Specialty – Pottery in Sri Lanla

Location – New Kandy Road, Biyagama

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –

Transport Museums

National Railway Museum, Kadugannawa

Specialty – Many old locomotives, carriages, Machineries, and Equipments related to Railway History in Sri Lanka

Location – Kadugannawa

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –

National Highway Museum

Specialty – Former construction equipment such as stone road rollers, steam road rollers, oil road rollers, tar boilers, coal scales, road signs

Location – Kiribathkumbura

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail – Face Book page

National Railway Museum, Colombo

Specialty – Former construction equipment such as stone road rollers, steam road rollers, oil road rollers, tar boilers, coal scales, road signs

Location – Olcott Mawatha, Colombo 1

Opening Dates – 

Opening Hours – 

Contact Detail –  – 0094 112 421 281

Currency and Economic Museums

Money and Banking Museum

Specialty – Currency and coins in Sri Lanka (Current and Historic) Open air balcony with 360 degrees view in Colombo

Location – BOC Square, Colombo

Opening Dates – Special prior approval has to be taken before visits (Maximum 50 pax a tour)

Opening Hours – Special prior approval has to be taken before visits (Maximum 50 pax a tour)

Contact Detail – – 0094 112 205 350

Economic History Museum

Specialty – Sri Lanka’s rich and diverse economic journey, Coins from kingdom eras

Location – Chatham Street, Colombo

Opening Dates – Open from Monday to Friday except Public and Bank holidays)

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 4.15pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 114 387 405

Special/ Uncategorised Museums

National Park Museums

Specialty –  These small museums exhibits the flora and fauna related to the National Park and the region.

Location – Most of the National Parks have their own museums

Opening Dates – Open on all 365 days

Opening Hours – 6.00am to 6.00pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 112 888 585

Guruge Nature Park Museum

Specialty – Consists a Sri Lankan Traditional village model, Sculptures represent the history of Sri Lanka and many more religious and historical sculptures apart from the amusement rides

Location – Kandana – Ganemulla Road, Ja-Ela

Opening Dates – Open everyday

Opening Hours – 9.00am to 6.00pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 112 247 697

Vintage Car Museum

Specialty – Amazing unique car collection of vintage automobiles

Location – Kithulgala

Opening Dates – Prior arrangements has to be done

Opening Hours – Prior arrangements has to be done

Contact Detail – – 0094 778 084 820

Ceylon Tea Museum

Specialty – Very old tools and Machines which used to make Tea in the colonial era.

Location – Hantana, Kandy

Opening Dates – Closed on Mondays & Poya day falling weekdays

Opening Hours – Tuesday to Saturday from 8.30am to 13.45pm and Sunday from 8.30am to 13.00pm

Contact Detail – – 0094 814 946 737

Community Tsunami Education Center & Museum

Specialty – Memories of the 2004 Tsunami which was effected Asia and the an effort to educate the community

Location – Galle Road, Hikkaduwa

Opening Dates – All 365 days

Opening Hours – From 8.00am to 8.00pm

Contact Detail – Face Book Page – 0094 777 316 664

National Telecommunication Museum

Specialty – Collection of communications items and about the Sri Lanka’s telecommunications industry

Location – Meepe, Padukka

Opening Dates –

Opening Hours –

Contact Details – – 0094 112 859 666

Cricket Museum

Specialty – Trophies and all the items reflects proud Sri Lankan cricket history

Location – 35 Maitland Pl, Colombo 7

Opening Dates – Open only Monday to Saturday except public and government holidays

Opening Hours – From 10.00am to 4.00pm

Contact Details – Face Book Page – 0094 112 681 601 – 4

Computer Museum, University of Colombo

Specialty – Commemoration of 100 years of the establishment of the faculties of science and arts of the UoC

Location – UCSC Building Complex, 35 ,Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

Opening Dates – Special Vitual Tour

Opening Hours – From 10.00am to 4.00pm

Contact Details – – 0094 112 581 245 – 7

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

The Blue Team

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The Forgotten Lesson | How to Recover Your Business with Domestic Tourists?

The well-known Tourism industry has its roots over almost all industries in the world. That’s one of the reasons that it is connected to everyone’s lives and that’s why they travel. Inbound and outbound travels has its own differences and unique characteristics. However it does matter to destinations when certain situation develops or repeats. Either it’s a disturbing and fearsome terrorist attack, a global pandemic, an economic recession or a simple repetitive reason like the seasonality; the travellers number fluctuation will happen while impacting the core business.

Most of the DMCs and operators, specially SMEs are highly depending on the government or authorities promotion tools which is an common factor. True, benefits of the taxes they paid in the name of tourism has to be utilised. In the long run, this method is very effective and economical where the inbound tourist to the country will be shared by the ability of each operator.

Flash Back

Looking at the past disturbing incidents in the world, such as the Brussels bombings, Sri Lanka Easter Sunday attack or the France attack: There were different trends in recovering. The current Covid-19 has made the whole world clueless with its tentacles wrapping all the continents.  The past lessons and the analysis shows the most effective actions that these countries has taken. After addressing and controlling the immediate security or the threat level of the country, there were many things followed after. Carefully reaching the possible markets, usage of social media, promote heavily but carefully and reduce restrictions were some visible actions from most of the countries. These were aimed at the International tourist, which took time to flourish.

Why the Local Traveller?

The local travellers played a vital role in these situations as they were enjoying the heavy discounts offered by the operators in the industry. It encouraged them to travel to destinations with less expenses. However the cash flow kept the businesses running by supporting the community and their employees. As an example the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, the hotels offer discounts ranging from 50% to 70% on accommodation, which was an another accepted tool which was practiced around the world after a major disturbance in the industry. Many institutes including hotels, restaurants, spas and specially the transport sector  recovered to a certain level without declaring bankruptcy. 

What’s Wrong?

When the wind is in their favor, most of the operators ignore the local traveller as they don’t deliver the expected amount of USD to the business. Focusing on the big fish is becoming the day to day preaching when the foreigners are available. This is highly practiced around highly seasonal areas in regions and the upmarket institutes.  Business perspective, it’s fair by them. Considering the average check and the ARR, it is always appealing to see a larger number. But shouldn’t you have business ethics? Should you have responsibility, relationship and principle towards your countrymen? 

Personal stories and the posts on social media highlights some of the incidents that the local travelers face versus the some operators, where they were ignored and rejected over the foreigners. The disposable income of the locals also differ due to their expectations, so don’t underestimate the spending power of the local tourist.

How to Reward and Retain the Local Traveller?

The local tourist will always travel within the country for different purposes. Irrelevant if its leisure, business, medical, spiritual or  VFR; The local traveller will contribute in many ways. In certain areas local travelers could be the number one contributor to Pro Poor Tourism. Even for SMEs. The cash that will be injected and circulated to the tourism industry is considerably high by these transactions. So why waste the opportunity? 

6 ways to appreciate the local Tourist while gaining the benefits

Giving Discounts When Possible

Without compromising your high demand products and services on the high season, always look for opportunities to reward the local traveler. Guess what, you are spending on your direct marketing. Just add that discounts to your marketing expense and see how much you have spent vs what you get. The locals will talk about your services. They will become the ambassadors of your property. You will receive more local guest to experience your services. Since it local it is easy to travel, they don’t have to pay for an expensive flight seat.

Pricing Structure

There are negative and positive perspective about having two different pricing structures for locals and foreigners. However, be careful when introducing or changing your pricing strategies of your product or services. Do not harm the flow or the behaviour of the local tourists. 

Create a Loyalty Free Scheme

No need to invest on an expensive system or paperwork implement this. Recognize your customers, offer them services. Everyone likes to be recognized than the other. That’s human psychology. Look in to your past records, analyse them and train your staff to focus on developing your local customer base. This could be interpreted as taking care your guest with extending value added service and products. Give information, create the environment and accommodate special requests.

Do Not Discriminate

Do not decide your guest by the look. It could be anybody. There can be foreign passport holders who pays less and locals who pays more. All are travellers. Everybody is there to taste your amazing food or to feel the hospitality that you offer. So do not discriminate the local traveller by saying this property is “Foreigners Only”. Refusing to give the services to any guest without a valid reason is a legitimate concern of the courts too.

Offer the Same Service

This could be the most recorded concern of local tourists. Differentiation of the guest will lead to a conflict. The owners and the company might have a fair understanding about the situation but it has to be conversed to the employees who offers the products and the services. Under the operational restrictions, always willing to offer all the available services to all the guests in the property is a another way to respect your guest.

Social Media Updates

Let the domestic travellers receive your pics and stories to know your product. The reach is very important. They will be the first to come to your property to try your new dish or your innovative cocktail. Try to include the local tourist in your stories. There is no other person to describe the destination and the attractions to the world in your region, and your company. 

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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What’s after Covid-19? | The Sri Lankan Revolution

The recent Covid-19 was an eye opener for most nationalities and countries. The world wide death toll has come to 78,000 (07-April-2020) and its inclining by the minute. The number of the infected and the deaths, are rapidly increasing throughout the continents.

See the Latest Global Covid-19 Updates

What happened?

Shutting down all travel and supply chains was a massive hit to all the countries where it was a shock that anyone could not absorb either sort. Even the strongest economies such as U.S and the Europe was uprooted effortlessly by the Covid-19. The job market distress and the rapid decline of the stock markets followed by this economic feaster.

Most of the professionals and the analysts are forecasting the future with the lessons learnt from the past pandemics and disasters. Many says that this will be worse in months to come where the disease will move in to next levels as the world will not be able operate. 

The Pearl was infected

While in Sri Lanka, the first Covid-19 patient was discovered on 10th March and the numbers increased as expected. As per the Health Promotion Bureau, currently there are 185 confirmed cases and 6 unfortunate deaths (upto 07-April-2020)

See the Latest Covid-19 Sri Lankan Updates

During this period, several parts of the country were under the curfew and lately the whole country was. All the citizens were asked to stay at home to control the severe condition. Several areas were isolated due to the appearance of new cases as the Health Ministry and the Task force to control the situation.

The life style of the Sri Lankans were different after this unexpected time period. The government and the responsible bodies had to evolve to cater all the citizens with maximum impact. Certain trends developed and kept inclining to cater the needs of the “Isolated”. Significant innovations were implemented to the system by the governing bodies for the much needed support. 

New face of the Sri Lankans

The changes happened during the isolation period of Covid-19 were important as a country which was fighting back; not only with the virus but with the system too. Certain existing opportunities were developed and some were newly implemented, where some countries already had and some even not. 

The Delivery

The provision demand of the isolated population was a massive concern with the curfew implemented. Whole sale and the retail businesses were encouraged and formalised to deliver the grocery and other items to the consumer to avoid the main Covid-19 problem, which were mass gatherings.

The ability and the potential of this extent is a great opportunity to all the stakeholders in many ways. The busy commuters will always look to save time in their packed schedule and also the businesses will always have an upper hand to expand the business in multi segments. From fruits and vegetables to domestic Gas was delivered either on demand or not.  Ordering online is not a new thing for the Sri Lankans, but this time it went viral. 

The state and the private pharmacies took the initiative to deliver drugs for the demand by ordering online. Hope it continues even after these devastating times.

The Learning

The closure of the Universities and the schools were a primary decision that most of the governments took to control the damage by the virus. Sri Lankan primary and secondary education faced a massive hit by closing the schools and universities where they did not had the luxury, rather the opportunity to operate online much. Most of the countries practice the online learning platforms in their primary education, where only handful private organizations in Sri Lanka practice the online learning.

After the curfew and the shutdown more organisations moved in to Learning Management Systems and they are trying to look for more avenues to move forward with the online teaching. The private organisations, even the government also forcing themselves to improve the current e-learning platforms to cater the education needs of the country. Now it’s a great opportunity to the education system to rethink and strengthen the system to rebuild and operate even in the future after handling the Covid-19.

More Online

Ceylon tea plays and pays a larger chunk of the country’s GDP. During this pandemic all most all borders were shutdown and caused a full-stop to imports and exports. However the traditional 137 year old Tea Auction went online as a E-auction for the first time with imposed restrictions which secured a huge amount of money. Considering other products like cashew, coconut products and all other exports has the opportunity to discover new dimensions to change and take the country to new heights.

Want to Eat? Why not Grow?

Globally, there are certain unanswered questions regarding the future of the humankind after this eye opening pandemic. The award winning question will be that, how will the energy, specially the food and the necessary goods supply will be sustained in the world? One of the effective options are to encourage yourself to grow food. Self sustain is a must. Sri Lanka is a magnificent sub tropical country in the world which has one of the most fertile lands. It has been proved through decades and centuries of rich culture and history.

The growing trend sparked during the isolation and its inclining. Most of them are pushing their boundaries to self sustain with fruits and vegetables at least. This will lead the country to a maintain healthier citizens and to become financially healthy too. Reducing unnecessary imports and exporting the excess production from the country will not be a dream any more. Not to forget the the Agri tourism and the Green Tourism, who awaits the fruits of this opportunity, to grab.

No Cash

The limited cash handling during the curfew and the isolation period is leading the masses to use more and more online platforms for transactions. It’s the best time to introduce new access or strengthen the available platforms to the public by the service providers, where it seems they are capturing the given opportunity.

This is not new to the world, even to Sri Lanka, but the percentage of the population who uses and the amount of transactions will be increased by embracing and exploring the new opportunities while changing the life styles of the citizens.

What else?

There are many institutional level changes happening within the country as it shows symptoms of a revolution where it might have the courage to change and redirect the country of its course. Irrelevant to the political agendas, the transformation and the revision of the government approach will definitely encourage all the citizens to rethink of the country’s future.

The the emerging inventions and the production of industrial goods were encouraged and practiced. The Covid-19 has given the initiative to the people to come out from the dark to light and to start the walk of their lives.

Sri Lanka is recognised as an award winning Island among the world. The rich resources, culture and the people in this country has driven it to its levels with so many barriers. Not to forget the Easter Sunday attack and the Covid-19 has disturbed the Sri Lankan Economy, several times continuously. The lessons learned will always shape the future by affirming that “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”.

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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Holidays in Sri Lanka 2020 – Plan Smart, Travel Smart

Travelling without a hassle is what every traveller wants. So why take a risk when your travelling in Sri Lanka?

Best way to plan your travelling is to be more conscious about the holidays in Sri Lanka where some institutes might close or may not operate on those days. Your long awaited tour might get effected if you don’t plan properly. Bars and Pubs, Museums, Banks and other related organisations will not operate on these holidays.

However, during some holidays there will be religious and cultural celebrations and events you can enjoy. Those will be the best days to feel the Sri Lankan vibe during your tour. Tasting various traditional food, wearing traditional clothing and meeting new people will be an experience that you will never gain any where in the world.

Plan Smart, Travel Smart

Here is the list of all the 2020 holidays in Sri Lanka for you to plan a better trip by Blue Ceylon!!!

2020 Holiday Calendar

  • January 10, Friday                  Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • January 15, Wednesday         Tamil Thai Pongal Day    B. P. M.

  • February 4, Tuesday              National Day    B. P. M.
  • February 08, Saturday           Navam Full Moon Poya Day    B. P. 
  • February 21, Friday               Mahasivarathri Day    B. P.

  • March 09, Monday                 Medin Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • April 07, Tuesday                    Bak Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • April 10, Friday                       Good Friday    B. P.
  • April 12, Sunday                     Day prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day    B. P. M.
  • April 13, Monday                    Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day    B. P. M.
  • April 14, Tuesday                    Special Bank Holiday    B.

  • May 01, Friday                        May Day    B. P. M.
  • May 07, Thursday                   Vesak Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • May 08, Friday                        Day following Vesak Full Moon Poya Day    B. P. M.
  • May 25, Monday                     Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival Day)    B. P.

  • June 05, Friday                        Poson Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • July 04, Saturday                     Esala Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • August 01, Saturday               Id-Ul-Alha (Hadji Festival Day)    B. P.
  • August 03, Monday                Nikini Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • September 01, Tuesday          Binara Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • October 01, Thursday             Adhi – Vap Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • October 30, Friday                  Milan-Dun-Nabi (Holy Prophet’s Birthday)     B. P. M.
  • October 30, Friday                  Vap Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • November 14, Saturday          Deepavali Festival Day    B. P.
  • November 29, Sunday            Ill Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • December 25, Friday              Christmas Day    B. P. M.
  • December 29, Tuesday           Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • B – Bank Holiday             
  • P – Public Holiday                
  • M – Mercantile Holiday

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

The Blue Team

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Legacy of Ceylon Blue Sapphires – Origin from Sri Lanka

One thing that Sri Lanka is famous among the world for the last couple of centuries, are Gems. These expensive and extraordinary stones astonished the merchants from the silk road to the noble Royalties around the world. Sri Lanka is known as “Rathna Dveepa” in local folk lore and in Sri Lankan compositions as it describes as “The Island of Gems”. Through out the years, the Sri Lankan gem industry has produced enormous amount of foreign currency and established the country’s reputation to the climax.

Blue Ceylon & Co. team is always interested on topics that highlights the Sri Lankan legacy.

The Royal Ring

The heritage of the Sri Lankan gems were a part of the Royal family of England and Wales after the engagement of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. It was one of the most talked out rings in the world as currently Princess Kate Middleton is wearing it, which was a family inherit for Prince William. This 12 carat Ceylon blue sapphire mounted ring’s current estimated value is around £300,000. The design of this historical work of art was inspired by one of Queen Elisabeth’s brooch done by Prince Albert on 1840. This Sri Lankan gem was reported all over the world media several times.

  • Weight – 12 Carats
  • Special – Oval shape/ British Royal family signature jewelry
  • Found Location – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka  
  • Current Location – Princess Kate Middleton’s left hand
  • Current Value – £ 300,000

Other famous and recorded largest Ceylon Blue Sapphires in the world

1. The largest Blue Sapphire in the world – Giant of the Orient (Sri Lanka)

  • Weight – 466 Carats
  • Special – Originally 600 Carats
  • Found Location – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka. (1902)
  • Current Location – Unknown (Last seen at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction on 2004)
  • Current Value – $ 15,000,000 (2004)

2. The second largest Blue Sapphire in the world – Logan Blue Sapphire (Sri Lanka)

  • Weight – 422.99 Carats
  • Special – Accompanied by 20 white diamonds/ Size of an egg
  • Found Location – Rathnapura, Sri Lanka. 
  • Current Location – Smithsonian Institution’s Natural Museum of Natural History.
  • Current Value – $ 3,000,000 (2001)

3. The third largest Blue Sapphire in the world – Blue Bella of Asia (Sri Lanka)

  • Weight – 400 Carats
  • Special – Accompanied by 20 white diamonds/ Size of an egg
  • Found Location – Palmadulla, Sri Lanka. 1926.
  • Current Location – Unknown (last seen at Geneva Switzerland, Christie’s Auction, 2014)
  • Current Value – $ 17,564,156 (2014)

Gem Tourism in Sri Lanka

The gem tourism in Sri Lanka is very popular among many international travellers. The quality of the stones are renowned all over the world. The experience at gem mines, gathering knowledge and also acquiring some valuable souvenirs are some of the main highlights of gem tourism in Sri Lanka.

Not only Ceylon Blue Sapphires but various other types of valuable authentic gems are mined in Sri Lanka. Stay tuned for more blogs on different types of gems found in Sri Lanka.

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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Regaining its Legacy – The Polhena Beach

The “Polhena Beach” is one of the famous destinations in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka for different reasons. This sandy beach strip is recognized by lots of travelers for the last couple of decades. Polhena is declared and demarcated from 2001 as a Coral Reef by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. This marine park adds value to mother Sri Lankas proud resource base and the diversity of the products that she has to offer.

Let Blue Ceylon get you the best insight.

Where is it?

Polhena beach is 5km away from the Matara town and its worth visiting. The 10 min ride will give you an experience that you will never have in any other beach. Not just to get away from the hustle of the Matara town, but to enjoy one of the great beaches in Sri Lanka. The directions are very simple and reaching the beach is pretty much easy.

What to do?

This soft sandy beach stretch is surrounded by a beautiful reef which provides shelter for thousands of marine creatures off shore. Over couple of decades these waters are famous among local and international tourist for snorkeling and soft water sports. Sightings of certain types of turtles are very common and fascinating in this beach. Swimming with a untamed turtles is one of the life time experience that you can get at Polhena with little effort.

Spending the day with colorful fishies

When to go?

Since this beach is so famous among local travelers, it is best to avoid weekends and public holidays. With very less crowd on week days, you can explore the territory freely. The best months are from March to September where the tides are very low and you can enjoy the clear water. Personally I love to go there early in the early morning, but if again you are a sundown lover; evening it is. 

What else?

The local shops are very friendly and the community knows to keep the place clean. Not much hassle from the local crowd or vendors. But still you can buy vibrant local clothes and inflatable floaters around the place, even rent out snorkeling masks.

There are plenty of accommodation and restaurants around this beach, but don’t look for caviar either vintage wine. Let your taste buds enjoy the local delicacies which are true Sri Lankan tastes. 

What to avoid?

Better to have some assistance if you really want to bask in the moon and stars or unless you are a marine biologist. The reef is marked with red flags where you should not cross, because you might damage the corals and the delicate marine life.

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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Live the Sri Lankan Dream – 2019 Synopsis from the International

Once called as the Wonder of Asia and once called the Land like no other; Sri Lanka was a destination which served the worldwide travelers to explore its domains for centuries. The uniqueness of the countries attributes was witnessed by Aryans to modern travelers.

2019 was a year that challenged the Hospitality and Tourism Industry with a devastating terror attack on the 21st of April which is commonly known as the Easter Sunday Attack. 

The citizens of Sri Lanka and all the other stakeholders worked towards the industry to get it back alive. 

Blue Ceylon & Co. is appeased to highlight the achievements of that great motive. 

Travel Lemming Reader Awards – 2019 World’s Top Destinations

The Travel Lemming website has ranked Sri Lanka as the #1 Destination in Asia for 2019 while the only destination to win their Judges Award and Reader Award for its respective continent. The runner-up for this category was Bhutan. 

Lonely planet – Top Country to travel in 2019

Highlighting the rich culture, wildlife and the community the Lonely Planet ranked Sri Lanka as the best country to travel in 2019 beating Germany and Zimbabwe. National parks, Ancient Monuments and travelling through the Tea plantations has captured the eye of the international travel giants.

This was published in several famous platforms as The Guardian and the Independent.

Conde Nast votes for Sri Lanka – 4th Best country to visit in 2019

Sri Lanka was voted the 4th best country to travel in 2019 by Conde Nast Traveler which is an upmarket magazine with 600,000 registered users. 

The 32nd release of the Conde Nast Traveler was record-breaking with 600,000 enrolled voters giving their assessment on the best nations, lodgings, urban communities and islands on the planet.

Sri Lanka scored 91.79 beating South Africa, Peru, Greece, Philippines, Italy, Vietnam, Turkey, Japan and Many more. 

The Best Safari destination outside of Africa – Forbes

The pearl of the Indian ocean was under the spot when Forbes recognized it as a grade “A” Safari destination in the world. From the Leopards at Yala , Elephants at Gal Oya to all the other species sets up the diverse turf for the traveler to explore. The thick forests of all types and varied geographical sites reflects the uniqueness of Sri Lanka.

Not forget the exotic Boat safaris and the assorted off road national park safaris makes the traveler to explore the nature at its best outside Africa.  

1st out of the 15 Best Islands in the World 2019 – Travel and Leisure 

Travel and Leisure Annual World’s Best Award survey picked up Sri Lanka as the best Island of the world in 2019. With a score of 92.12 Sri Lanka beating Palawan-Philippines, Bali-Indonesia, Maldives and Koh Lanta-Thailand and many more. 

1st among the 20 warm-weather destinations to visit in 2019 – USA Today

This Internationally distributed American newspaper the USA Today, unveiled the fact that Sri Lanka is the Best Place to travel in 2019 to avoid the winter.  Having a printed reach of 726,906 daily and 504,000 digitally made this news go all over the residents of USA who is dealing with extreme weather in 2019.

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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