Holidays in Sri Lanka 2020 – Plan Smart, Travel Smart


Travelling without a hassle is what every traveller wants. So why take a risk when your travelling in Sri Lanka?

Best way to plan your travelling is to be more conscious about the holidays in Sri Lanka where some institutes might close or may not operate on those days. Your long awaited tour might get effected if you don’t plan properly. Bars and Pubs, Museums, Banks and other related organisations will not operate on these holidays.

However, during some holidays there will be religious and cultural celebrations and events you can enjoy. Those will be the best days to feel the Sri Lankan vibe during your tour. Tasting various traditional food, wearing traditional clothing and meeting new people will be an experience that you will never gain any where in the world.

Plan Smart, Travel Smart

Here is the list of all the 2020 holidays in Sri Lanka for you to plan a better trip by Blue Ceylon!!!

2020 Holiday Calendar

  • January 10, Friday                  Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • January 15, Wednesday         Tamil Thai Pongal Day    B. P. M.

  • February 4, Tuesday              National Day    B. P. M.
  • February 08, Saturday           Navam Full Moon Poya Day    B. P. 
  • February 21, Friday               Mahasivarathri Day    B. P.

  • March 09, Monday                 Medin Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • April 07, Tuesday                    Bak Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • April 10, Friday                       Good Friday    B. P.
  • April 12, Sunday                     Day prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day    B. P. M.
  • April 13, Monday                    Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day    B. P. M.
  • April 14, Tuesday                    Special Bank Holiday    B.

  • May 01, Friday                        May Day    B. P. M.
  • May 07, Thursday                   Vesak Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • May 08, Friday                        Day following Vesak Full Moon Poya Day    B. P. M.
  • May 25, Monday                     Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival Day)    B. P.

  • June 05, Friday                        Poson Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • July 04, Saturday                     Esala Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • August 01, Saturday               Id-Ul-Alha (Hadji Festival Day)    B. P.
  • August 03, Monday                Nikini Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • September 01, Tuesday          Binara Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • October 01, Thursday             Adhi – Vap Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.
  • October 30, Friday                  Milan-Dun-Nabi (Holy Prophet’s Birthday)     B. P. M.
  • October 30, Friday                  Vap Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • November 14, Saturday          Deepavali Festival Day    B. P.
  • November 29, Sunday            Ill Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • December 25, Friday              Christmas Day    B. P. M.
  • December 29, Tuesday           Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day    B. P.

  • B – Bank Holiday             
  • P – Public Holiday                
  • M – Mercantile Holiday

Let’s Explore Sri Lanka!!!

The Blue Team

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