Regaining its Legacy – The Polhena Beach


The “Polhena Beach” is one of the famous destinations in the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka for different reasons. This sandy beach strip is recognized by lots of travelers for the last couple of decades. Polhena is declared and demarcated from 2001 as a Coral Reef by the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. This marine park adds value to mother Sri Lankas proud resource base and the diversity of the products that she has to offer.

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Where is it?

Polhena beach is 5km away from the Matara town and its worth visiting. The 10 min ride will give you an experience that you will never have in any other beach. Not just to get away from the hustle of the Matara town, but to enjoy one of the great beaches in Sri Lanka. The directions are very simple and reaching the beach is pretty much easy.

What to do?

This soft sandy beach stretch is surrounded by a beautiful reef which provides shelter for thousands of marine creatures off shore. Over couple of decades these waters are famous among local and international tourist for snorkeling and soft water sports. Sightings of certain types of turtles are very common and fascinating in this beach. Swimming with a untamed turtles is one of the life time experience that you can get at Polhena with little effort.

Spending the day with colorful fishies

When to go?

Since this beach is so famous among local travelers, it is best to avoid weekends and public holidays. With very less crowd on week days, you can explore the territory freely. The best months are from March to September where the tides are very low and you can enjoy the clear water. Personally I love to go there early in the early morning, but if again you are a sundown lover; evening it is. 

What else?

The local shops are very friendly and the community knows to keep the place clean. Not much hassle from the local crowd or vendors. But still you can buy vibrant local clothes and inflatable floaters around the place, even rent out snorkeling masks.

There are plenty of accommodation and restaurants around this beach, but don’t look for caviar either vintage wine. Let your taste buds enjoy the local delicacies which are true Sri Lankan tastes. 

What to avoid?

Better to have some assistance if you really want to bask in the moon and stars or unless you are a marine biologist. The reef is marked with red flags where you should not cross, because you might damage the corals and the delicate marine life.

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