Our Lady of Lanka: The National Basilica, Tewatta


One thing Sri Lanka is well known for, is the Pilgrimage Tourism. Sri Padha, katharagama, Nalloor and a lot increasingly notorious goals ought not be missed in your visit in Sri Lanka. The National Basilica is one of the national treasures that you shouldn’t miss. Encountering the neighborhood Culture and the Religion inside the western region is so assorted yet where parcel of voyagers investigates inside the entire nation.

The term basilica was initially used to portray a Roman open structure, generally an official courtroom. After the Roman Empire turned out to be authoritatively Christian, the term alluded explicitly to an enormous or significant church given uncommon stately customs by the Pope.

The National Basilica of Our Lady of Lanka or Tewatte Basilica in Ragama lies only 18 kilometers from Colombo. It had its initial beginnings over a 100 years prior when a sanctum to Our Lady of Lourdes was first worked in 1911 and a cavern six years after the fact.

The front view was in the state of an Indian sanctuary and the twin towers, so far as that is concerned any of the Twin Towers of any congregation symbolize the two incredible instruction of Christianity, the affection for God and the adoration for our neighbor. 

The foliage before the Basilica and its game plan are remarkable. The Cardinal was a generally excellent botanist and thought a lot about vegetation. He generally circumvented the nation with his eyes wide open looking for plants. The trees are planted in lines like ‘fingers of an outstretched palm’. This empowers one to see the dais before the basilica during services without hindrance. 

The outdoors zone must be ceaselessly extended in light of the Concourse of pioneers particularly on day off and arrangement must be made for stopping as the years passed by.

The Heritage museum, the magnificent statues, The convent and the famous Kattakumanjal tree can be experienced at this holy destination.

Do not miss out this 1-hour destination while you’re travelling Colombo.

Let’s explore Sri Lanka!!!

Madushan Jayathilake – The Blue Team

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