A Drive to Kalpitiya – Part 1


Out of the blue, I got a call from friends who were within that blue – an emotion that caused them to call me because they were lonely? No, they wanted a ride. 

A trip to Kalpitiya.

All expenses paid by my said friends – It’s like i won the Lottery

All instructions provided by said friends.

Itinerary devised by said friends.

At least they allowed me an upgrade of the room. Frankly speaking, I did not ask what was the original status of the room or what type of room is it and what will my upgrade get me. However, fear not, I have my upgrade now.

This trip is to take place on a very special day of my year. So, I am going to treat it as my “In The Blue Friends giving me an Out of The Blue birthday present.”

Itinerary is as follows:

One Night, Two Days.

12th and 13th of October
Room Rate: Free (for me)
Upgrade Rate: Yet to be informed about. (Hope its not the price of another room – but it might be worth it. I could use the extra room to roll around like a rag doll and have fun)
Food: Not sure. Hopefully part of the room package – I’m secretly hoping that its going to be free and lavish.

There are stock photos of the Property available online but i prefer to take my own. One concern is that those photos may be edited and glamourfied (should there be such a word. If not, my apologies and let’s start a petition to add it to a dictionary).

One’s own eye that is used is one of the best weapons in one’s arsenal and I shall look to get my own photos.

There’s another month to go. More time to wait. Part 2 will come pack filled with information that is going to fall right into my lap or on my head, whichever hurts first.

So until Part 2, I am not going to check out the sights and sounds of the place online – which was what was taken through eyes of others – and wait until the said time with the said friends.

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